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Rehearsal Dinner Options

Please let us know if you’d like to have a rehearsal at Catalyst so we can coordinate with the other couples that may be getting married that weekend!

3 months before your wedding we will open up the calendar for you to add-on additional rental hours to rehearse and/or host a rehearsal dinner the week leading up to your wedding depending on availability. Rehearsal time and early set up can be booked at an hourly rate. If you'd also like to host an on-site dinner you may choose to add that on for a flat fee which offers the use of the reception room and kitchen for a meal. You'll find the current rates and additional information on this detailed below.

We want all of our couples to feel like our venue is exclusive to their party only, so we will not allow anyone to leave items at Catalyst overnight if there is another wedding in-between your rehearsal and your event. Thank you for understanding.

If there are multiple weddings over the weekend that want to rehearsal on the same day, we can schedule these back to back and typically will have the next days wedding rehearsal last that evening so they have the option to leave things at Catalyst overnight if pre-approved by Catalyst.

If there is not availability to host your pre-wedding events on-site, there are many places in the Brainerd Lakes Area to host an off-site rehearsal dinner so we have compiled a list of options below.


$350 per hour for 2022 Weddings

$400 per hour for 2023 Weddings

$450 per hour for 2024 Weddings

During rehearsal rentals, only the ceremony sites will be available to use. The getting ready suites and reception room will be off limits unless your wedding is the next day. If your wedding is the next day and you'd like to start setting up or drop off items during this time, please inquire about having the suites and reception room available for this at no extra charge.

*can only be booked once we are less than 3 months out from your event date*


An 8am early start time is available to add on to your venue rental if you would like to have venue access earlier than the standard time of 9am on your wedding day


The price for this is listed below:

$350 for 2022 Weddings

$400 for 2023 Weddings

$450 for 2024 Weddings

We do not open any earlier than 8am.

*can be booked at any point*


$450 flat rate in addition to rehearsal hourly rate

This includes the use of the reception room, tables, chairs, and prep kitchen for dinner. You or your caterer must provide linens for the tables.

You are allowed to bring in any caterer you want for this, but they must be an insured, licensed, and pre-approved by the Catalyst staff upon the signing of a contract. Groups of less than 50 people may also choose to bring in store bought or restaurant bought food to serve.

Unfortunately, you may not supply your own liquor for this event since Catalyst doesn't hold a liquor license. Any liquor served onsite must be purchased through Liquid Motion or a licensed bartending company or caterer that is pre-approved by Catalyst staff upon the signing of a contract.

*can only be booked once we are less than 3 months out from your event date*

Nearby rehearsal dinner locations







*preferred caterer*


*preferred caterer*






Pre- and post- Wedding Events

If you're looking to host your pre-wedding

and post-wedding events in the area, such as an engagement party, wedding shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, welcome party, gift opening, or brunch, MN Traders Co. and Up North Eats are two local vendors to look into!



MN Traders Co. has a great loft space available to rent for events that can accommodate up to 60 people. They also offer tables, chairs, décor, food, and drinks for your event.

Jesse of Up North Eats offers a full-service, in-home personal chef service if you're looking to host a pre- or post- wedding meal at an Airbnb or cabin in the area.


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