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Hey, we're Kate + Tony, and we make up one half of the visionaries and entrepreneurs behind Nature Link! We have been married since 2014 and live in the wide open country on an acreage with our pets. We love the peace and quiet and always being connected to nature right out our back door.

We love traveling, and have a strong itch to explore the world around us and experience God’s goodness through amazing places like national parks and forests. We feel like we are at our absolute best when we are able to disconnect from our busy lives and reconnect with ourselves through the great outdoors and experiences.

I (Kate) have been working in the wedding industry for 11 years. After spending several years as a wedding and portrait photographer on my own, Tony and I joined forces to create our first business together, Northerly Photo Camper in 2017. After opening that business as a team, we knew we wanted to continue creating experiences that enrich people’s lives. Even though our first business was as simple as a photo booth, it engrained in us a higher calling to do something similar on a grander scale.

With Tony’s background in engineering and construction, and our passion to create experiences, the vision for our first wedding venue, Pinewood, was born and we launched that dream in 2018.

With Nature Link and Catalyst, we’re excited to continue our goal of creating unique spaces and fostering life long memories for our clients and guests. It’s an honor to be a part of something that allows people to have experiences that they may have never had, and we hope that God’s love and light shines through all that we create!

The Beckers

Kate + Tony

nature link founders

Hey, our names are Ben and Zoie! We’re passionate nature advocates and enthusiasts. We have a love for conserving and helping people experience the world's most beautiful places. Our passion for resorts started on a cross country trip visiting Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming. After visiting and experiencing the life changing impacts a nature centered resort could have, we decided the next chapter of their lives would be to create places that people could disconnect from technology and connect with nature.

The world we live in has become so reliant on a constant connection with technology and although it has so many great benefits, there is definitely a space and time to disconnect from it all. It offers you the ability to reset and calm your mind, and the time to really connect with the people surrounding you through campfires, walks on trails, bike rides and journaling. Each piece of this resort was carefully crafted for you to be able to comfortably disconnect and reconnect with nature and yourself.

We are both busy entrepreneurs running several businesses, including WOODCHUCK USA, which is a USA Made manufacturing company that creates premium real wood products & has a focus on sustainability by planting a tree for every product sold. We often realize in our own lives, that we need a few days to simply disconnect and unplug to be the best version of ourselves. The happiest and healthiest times of our lives are when we’re able to get away to a National Park or a secluded resort without technology for a few days. It allows us to connect with each other, our thoughts, our passions, our true callings, and what we want to do in life.

The mission of this resort and staff is to help you disconnect from technology, and connect with yourself, your loved ones, and nature.

It's our vision to create a world more connected to nature, a healthier version of ourselves, and a centered and grounded mindset more aligned with our true callings.

Your disconnect awaits….

Ben + Zoie

The Vanden Wymelenbergs

nature link founders

Catalyst by Nature Link


Krysta Corrigan

Olivia Goskey

Director of Venue Operations

Venue operations Manager

Olivia has 6 years of experience in the wedding and events industry where she has worked in venue management, coordination/planning, corporate events, marketing, and as a virtual assistant to creative entrepreneurs.

Her Type A personality loves organization and systems, but she also has a passion for pretty things and creating fun, beautiful events for others to enjoy, so being able to work in both an administrative and creative capacity fills her cup!

Olivia is a bride-to-be herself as she is engaged to her high school sweetheart Damie so she's excited to get to experience planning her own wedding alongside helping our couples through planning theirs!⁠

In her free time, she enjoys being on the lake, spending time with family and friends, traveling, shopping at boutiques, gardening, and reading books!

Krysta has worked in the wedding and events industry for 10 years in venue management, catering, bridal, marketing, and coordination/planning. She has been working for the Beckers at their other venue, Pinewood Weddings and Events, as their Director of Operations since they launched in 2018 and continues to thrive and run Pinewood today!

Krysta says the best part of her job is building relationships with couples and being there for them throughout their planning as they work with our team to execute each couples' vision.

Krysta has been married for 6 years to her husband, Max. She has 2 little boys named Baker and Crew as well as a dog named Maizy! She loves traveling and experiencing new places and things with her family!

Nature Link

Hospitality Team


Manager of Housekeeping and grounds crew

Jasper Struthers

Director of Hospitality + adventure advocate

After four years of service in the Army, Jasper gained five years of experience in the hospitality industry, quickly finding his passion in resort management. Nothing gives Jasper more joy than to impact guests’ stays, making them unique and special. He loves working “behind the scenes” so guests can take time away from the hectic daily grind to relax and enjoy the fresh air. Being free-spirited, Jasper’s time away from the resort is just as exciting and diverse as his day-to-day on property. From projects around the house to traveling, Jasper strives to keep busy by getting creative or spending time outdoors with friends and family.


Guest relations + adventure advocate