Nisswa, MN

Minnesota's second oldest resort, restored to a retreat destination once again.



Nature Link sits on the property that used to be home to Minnewawa Lodge, the 2nd oldest resort in Minnesota. Founded in 1898, the resort was started by Benjamin Heald, Sr., a retired shakespearean actor from New York, who came to Minnesota to retire and farm. Many of Heald’s actor friends came to visit him during the summer months, so he decided to make his homestead an actual resort. Thus, Minnewawa Lodge was born.

Since roads were virtually non-existent during those early years, the railroad was the main form of transportation. Lake Hubert station was at the end of the line, so Clark Lake and Lake Hubert were two of the first lakes in this area to attract summer visitors. Mr. Heald himself would boat to the train station to pick up his guests. With a baggage boat in tow, he hauled their belongings to and from the resort as most guests would be prepared to stay the entire summer season when traveling to Minnewawa Lodge.

A new era as Minnesota Hockey Camps

Throughout the 1900’s,  Minnewawa Lodge was a retreat for many travelers until it was purchased in 1976 by Herb Brooks and Chuck Grillo when they founded Minnesota Hockey Camps. For several decades, hockey players would partake in dry land training and recreation on the property until 2020 when the Minnesota Hockey Camp business was sold and moved facilities to Breezy Point.

The beginning of Nature Link Resort

Shortly after the sale, the Nature Link Founders (Kate & Tony, Ben & Zoie), laid eyes on the property and knew that this would be the perfect place to start Nature Link Resort. Our team is passionate about restoring the property back to the original intent Benjamin Heald had: to immerse people in nature allowing them to disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with each other.